Frequently Asked Questions

JYA Enterprise Business Suite is associated with JYA Consulting (SMC-Pvt) Limited registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. JYA Consulting is a member of Pakistan Software Export Board and Lahore Chamber of Commerce.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite is the Real-Time Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution (Cloud Based) covering all business activities from Gate In ward of Raw Material to Gate out of Finished Goods in a manufacturing business with supporting modules of complete Human Resource Management. It is developed in Technology. Further, It is cloud based and hosted on International Resources.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite is cost effective multi purpose solution i.e. an integrated management of main business processes in real time. It collects, stores, manages and interpret data with internal management controls. Moreover, after documenting the data it facilitates transfer of data and information between the different departments in an organization. Further, It follows the International Standards of Accounting and aligned with Local Accounting practises.

In short, It helps in mitigating risk to a Company through the use of financial instruments.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite has professional support of JYA Consulting which includes Corporate accounts, business domain Specialists and IT Experts.

It is budgeted at Lower Cost Model with high end technology Support. Further, it is already tested software with satisfied customers.

Moreover, the access to sensitive data is available at client’s finger tips round the clock and around the world.

As the technology is taking the lead in streamlining the operations and management of business affairs, JYA Enterprise Business Suite provides an opportunity to visionary companies to

  • Cut heavy cost of IT Infrastructure,
  • Align business resources with Cash Flow.
  • Increase real time communication among departments.
  • Increase efficiency of flow of product at different stage of production.
  • Financial Control and Risk Assessment at every stage.
  • Visibility of Operations at Raw, Semi Finish and Finished Goods status.
  • Cost controlling at buying, storage and delivery to vender level.
  • Team of experts for implementation of software at site
  • Continuous business support after successful completion of GO LIVE projects.
  • Comply with International Accounting Standards and Accounting Local Practices

The basic model includes

  • Self Portal – Leave Claims, Medical Claims, Advance Against Salary, Other Additions / Deduction, Employee Salary Slips.


  • Administration – Company details, Segments, Tax Groups and Accounting Period, Bank Info, Currency Info, Product Info, HR Admin, Warehouse and Logistics, Fleet Admin, GL Integration, User Management


  • Financial Management – Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Budget Entry, Journal Reversal, General Templates, Special Reports for Journal Entry, Budget Entry, Cash Flow, Cash Book, Bank Book, General Ledger


  • Banking – Outgoing Payments, Incoming Payments, Cheque Deposits, Credit Deposits, Reconcile, Customize feature of integration with Customer Banks if required for direct entries and reconciliation (Following the State Bank Of Pakistan SOP’s)


  • Fixed Assets – Asset Opening Balance, Capitalization, Depreciation Monthly, Assets Retirement, Asset Issue Note, Asset Return, Disposal Request, Hardware Compliance, Customized Reports


  • Inventory- Gate Inward Pass, Inspection Notes, Rejection Note, Outward Gate Pass, Goods Receipt Note, GRN Reversals, Opening Inventory Balances, Material Issue Note, Inventory Transfers, Inter Company Material Transfers, Material Return Note, Product Transfers.


  • Sales – Customer Opening Balance, Customer Quotation, Shift End Opening, Sale Order, Delivery Note, Delivery Return, Sales Invoice, Sales Return Invoice, A/R Memo, Point of Sales, Special Sale Reports – Sale OGP Report, Sale Delivery Report, Sale Return Report, Daily Dispatch Report, Customer Wise Sale, Invoice Wise Sale, Consolidate Customer Ledger, Sale Aging, Daily Sale Report, Reversible Report.


  • Purchase – Vendor Opening Balance, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Quotation, Performa Invoice, Purchase Order, A/P Invoice, A/P Memo, Reconcile Payments, Special Purchase Reports – Purchase Requisition Report, Purchase Quotation Report, Purchase Order Report, Goods Return Report, Vendor Wise Purchase Report, Item Wise Purchase Report, Invoice Wise Purchase Report, Vendor Ledger Report, Daily Purchase Report.


  • Planning & Production – Bill of Materials, Production Order, Issue of Production, Release from Production, Receipts from Production, Special Production Reports – Departmental Production Status Report.


  • Human Resources – Organizational Chart, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Evaluation, Training, Travel, Medical, Leave Management, Employee Master, Payroll Operations, Employee Settlement, Complaint System, Approval System for Workflow and Document Approvals, Special Customized Reports as required.


  • Customized Reports – 
    • Financials – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Payment Voucher, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss
    • Fixed Assets – Asset Depreciation, Asset Disposal, Asset Sales
    • Purchase – Inward Gate Pass, Inspection Report, GRN, Purchase Invoice
    • Sales – Sale Quotation, Sale Order, Sale Invoice, Customer Ledger, Item Wise Customer Ledger, Distribution Wise Sales Ledger
    • Inventory – Item Ledgers, Vendor Ledgers, Consumption Summary, Stock Aging.
  • Customizable Modules as per Customer demand.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite beats the myth of expansive technological Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Softwares.

  • It is budgeted at Lower Cost Effective Model.
  • No Heavy Infrastructure Investment Required.Just Internet Connection and Device Mobile Data.
  • No recruitment cost of IT professional team, the monthly charges includes the support staff management at JYA CONSULTING office.
  • Nominal Software Technology cost,
  • Feasible implementation charges for customization
  • Minimal Monthly charges per user in Local currency.

Contact at for details about your customized package.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite has catered all possible technological level security measures with specifically designed security mechanism. Whereas, the mechanism helps to prevent all the corporate data from unauthorized access.

The access of JYA Enterprise Business Suite is limited by Parent Client Company personal PASSWORDS. Moreover, the levels of security define the limits very well (hence the authorized personnel would only do what they are permitted to do as per mutually decided corporate professional protocols)

JYA Enterprise Business Suite is user friendly and integrated among different departments as per workflow and documentation flow. Moreover, Training Manuals are provided once the Customization is done and the application is ready to go life.

The basic knowledge of how to operate Computer,how to click the desired buttons to incorporate data, how to save the data by clicking the SAVE button and how to proceed further with OK button. Similarly, following the basic flow of information and get the printouts of desired Reports.

It requires:

  • Local DSL or Cable modem internet facility at the base center. i.e. Head office and departments etc.
  • Laptop for Web service and Smart Phone for Android service to retrieve information on Mobile Phone.

JYA Enterprise Business Suite ensures the safety of your data by hosting the Software Application on International Resource i.e. Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Whereas, the downtime of Amazon and Microsoft Azure is to the bare minimum as their facilities are backed by International standard Internet Connections, Storage protocols and Safety guidelines.

Moreover, All banks and brokerage houses in the world prefer to use these platforms due to International Resources safety assurance.