About Us


To be the first choice for simplifying communication within, between, among and around organizations.


To cater communication needs of our clients in diagnosing, designing, developing and delivering human resource and business related ICT solutions aligned with ethics (ethos), emotions (pathos) and logics (logos) of the organizational culture.



Entrepreneurial Mindset


Customer Focus


JYA Consulting focuses on gaps of communication in a triangular cone like organizational structure with outclass systems and procedures in place but struggling to define a meaning of success.


WE  Communicate and assist in communication- Corporate & Organizational conversation.


WHY?  We have faith in human capacity of absorbing, narrating and comprehending information at will…


WHAT?  Diagnose the System causing apprehension, assumption and grapevines…


HOW?  We engage qualified and experienced resources with mutual consent of our clients. The availability, visibility and smooth operations as per scope of the projects by selected teams are the sole responsibility of director.


International Organization for Standardization
Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Pakistan Software Export Board
Labour Welfare